Information on Awards

Each year AutoPacific analyzes the results of our New Vehicle Satisfaction Survey and identifies the top performing vehicles. These are owners talking. And who better to evaluate a vehicle than the owners themselves?

Vehicle Satisfaction Award

AutoPacific VSAs are very different from other automotive awards that concentrate on reliability or quality to the exclusion of how satisfied owners are with their vehicle.  AutoPacific VSAs are the industry benchmark for objectively measuring how satisfied an owner is with their new vehicle. Respondents rate 48 attributes for importance in the purchase decision and satisfaction after purchase. 

President's Award
Using the same methodology as the Vehicle Satisfaction Award, the President's Award recognizes a vehicle that has performed exceptionally and is deserving of a higher honor.

Ideal Vehicle Award
AutoPacific’s IVAs measure the fusion between expectation, and reality.  An ideal vehicle is one that meets owner's expectations for the product when they acquired it. AutoPacific's IVAs are quantitative gauges measuring how closely a vehicle matches an owner's expectations. The buyers who are least likely to want to change their vehicle; they are driving their "ideal" vehicle. 

Motorist Choice Award
Speaking to both the hearts and wallets of consumers, this award combines AutoPacific's new vehicle owner satisfaction data with's proprietary cost of ownership data.