Custom Consultancies

At AutoPacific, we understand our clients’ needs for data and research that is tailored to meet specific objectives. To assist in meeting those needs, AutoPacific’s Custom Product Consultancies are custom tailored on a topic(s) from data from our Research Suite database. This custom report is defined by the client using the client’s segmentation and may also include secondary research from our Industry Analysis division as appropriate. AutoPacific will provide the analysis and presentation of the results.

Our consultancies are built using the latest available resources, including data from the Research Suite, Industry Analysis and Each consultancy includes insight from AutoPacific's analysts highly experienced in interpreting dynamics in the auto industry both for today and for the future.

Custom Consultancies offer an exceptional opportunity to utilize AutoPacific's syndicated data with maximum efficiency. 

KEY INFORMATION PRODUCED: Complete analysis of the entire topic market. Primary Research includes owner demographics and psychographics, previous vehicle ownership, vehicle shopping aspects, second choice vehicle and reasons for rejection, new vehicle purchasing aspects, new vehicle characteristics, new vehicle satisfaction, next segment and brand consideration and analysis of product attributes and features which will influence the selection of the next vehicle. Secondary Research includes segment competitive
environment, history, specifications, pricing and forecast.

Custom Consultancy Example:

Luxury Car Intender Consultancy

Objective: Define the future market and potential consumer for hybrid and diesel luxury cars by investigating luxury car hybrid and diesel intenders and how they compare with luxury car gasoline intenders

Methodology: Use of AutoPacific's Research Suite database, Competitive Battleground and Sales Forecast Service

• Executive summary
• Competitive landscape for alternative powertrains – future entries
• Definition of research/sample sizes
• Demographic and Psychographic profiles
• Vehicle uses (loyalists)
• Personal activities
• Personal technology used
• Views of vehicles and driving
• Consumer brands used
• Product feature importance
• Factors important in the purchase decision
• Shopping process influencers to purchase
• Product satisfaction (loyalists)
• Changes wanted in vehicle
• Image of present vehicle (loyalists)
• Future brand consideration
• Future vehicle Powertrain demand

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