Fuel Price Impact Study

Fuel Price Impact Study (FPIS)

Since 2005 AutoPacific has conducted a bi-monthly online survey designed to measure the impact of fuel prices on consumers’ vehicle purchase decisions and driving behavior. The Fuel Price Impact Study puts years of trend data to work to understand how consumers react to fluctuating fuel prices and how the impact has changed over time. How does fuel price affect American drivers and their product segment choice, powertrain choice and driving behavior? How does the current environment compare to last year, or five years ago?


  • Online survey
  • Uses AutoPacific’s VehicleVoice Automotive Survey Panel comprised of more than 15,000 U.S. vehicle owners
  • Sample size approx. 1,000 per survey wave

Issues Covered in Survey

  • Current vehicle segment owned vs future consideration
  • Current fuel price paid and future expected price
  • Current powertrain owned vs future consideration
  • Psychographic statements
  • Impact of fuel prices on spending and driving habits

Study Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary: Key findings since September 2005
  • Total U.S. sales & price of fuel
  • High fuel prices drive demand for alternatives
  • Fuel price impact on segment consideration
  • Fuel price impact on powertrain consideration
  • Future expected fuel price compared with present price paid
  • Driving behavior with fuel price paid
  • Other issues