Competitive Battleground

A must-have resource for future vehicle intelligence, AutoPacific’s Competitive Battleground contains continuously updated, in-depth analytical cycle plans for vehicles in the U.S. market. Everything you need to know about the future of the U.S. vehicle market available to you 24/7.


Sales Forecast Service (SFS)

AutoPacific’s U.S. Sales Forecast (SFS) is a 5-year forecast of annual sales for the U.S. light vehicle market, including an integrated seven-segment Alternative Powertrain Forecast. AutoPacific’s Sales Forecast Service is a highly regarded, accurate prediction of future vehicle sales and segment movement relied upon by OEMs and suppliers worldwide.

Alternative Powertrain Forecast

As consumers demand more fuel efficiency and the American government tightens CAFE regulations, the focus on alternative powertrain development continue to grow. Included with the full Sales Forecast Service, AutoPacific’s Alternative Powertrain Forecast provides clients with a reliable and accurate model level look at the alternative powertrain industry for the next five years.